Being a high school senior, on the verge of graduation is such an exciting time. Your hard work is paying off; way to go! Your senior portrait session is an opportunity to showcase who you are as a unique individual. Here are some tips to help you prepare and make the most of it!



What are you passionate about? What activities do you enjoy doing? While your beautiful face will be the star of your photos, we'll also incorporate some "props" to showcase what you're about. Anything goes, assuming your parents are okay with it 😉, so get creative.


Since this is all about you, you'll want to wear clothes that reflect who you are and make you feel awesome. Confidence goes a long way! Comfort is also important, but not in a loungewear sort of way, know what I mean?

For variety, plan on bringing at least 3 outfits in a range of styles/colors. Don't forget shoes and accessories for each outfit. You can even bring an extra outfit that is a little out of your comfort zone or a cool accessory, like a hat, that you might not normally wear.

Justice Sr-1.jpg

*SR* Hunter-14.jpg

Avoid clothing that... close to your skin tone or washes you out.

...has large screen printing, company names or brand logos

...distracts from your face.

...does not fit well or is wrinkled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my parents have to be there?    

   Parents do not HAVE to attend. They are welcome to join us if they'd like.

Will you edit out blemishes?

   Minor blemish removal is included, if you would like.

When will I see my images?

   You can expect to see your images within 2 weeks of your session.