Your wedding is its own unique story and your photos will tell that story for years to come! 

These lists are by no means all inclusive, but serve as a resource for those who may be unfamiliar with the photos that I normally take on a wedding day. 

Details  rings, jewelry, dress, shoes, flowers, venue, decorations, centerpieces, place settings, cake

Getting Ready  bride's hair/makeup, bride dressing, maids/mother helping bride, men putting ties on

Family/Bridal Party  see below

Bride & Groom  variety of poses & backgrounds, individuals of bride, individuals of groom

Ceremony  guests arriving, ushers, musicians, bridal party, father & bride, groom's reaction, ring exchange, prayer, first kiss, announcement

Reception  entrance, first dances, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, guests, dancing

Family Photos

Bride +

  1. parents

  2. parents, siblings

  3. siblings


Groom +

  1. parents

  2. parents, siblings

  3. siblings

Bride & Groom + 

  1. bride’s parents

  2. bride’s parents, siblings & their families

  3. bride’s parents, siblings & their families, grandparents

  4. bride's grandparents

  5. groom’s parents

  6. groom’s parents, siblings & their families

  7. groom’s parents, siblings & their families, grandparents

  8. groom's grandparents

  9. bride’s parents, groom’s parents

  10. bride’s family, groom’s family

Bridal Party Photos

Bride +

  1. each bridesmaid

  2. bridesmaids

  3. bridesmaids, flower girl

  4. flower girl

Groom +

  1. each groomsman

  2. groomsmen

  3. groomsmen, ring bearer

  4. ring bearer

Bride & Groom +

  1. bridesmaids, groomsmen

  2. bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, ring bearer

  3. flower girl, ring bearer

  4. officiant

  5. ushers

  6. singer/reader/guest book attendant